Just So, LLC is a professional organization and consulting business serving Fort Worth, Texas and the surrounding area.  Just So was founded in January 2019 by Ashley Arnett.

Before diving into organization professionally, Ashley worked in both children’s ministry and marketing.  Somewhere along the way Ashley took her own love of neatness and tidying to the next level and started organizing spaces for friends and family members.  That side hussle turned into her full-time gig in 2019, and Just So was born!

Ashley’s favorite part about organizing is helping her clients regain what they’ve lost in the chaos. Sometimes that’s peace of mind. Other times it’s dignity.  When clutter and disorder take root in one’s life, he or she always loses something.  That may sound grim, but it also means there is always something to be gained by taking back control!

Ashley makes a point to meet her clients where they feel comfortable, respecting their timetable, preferred involvement level, and budget.  Some spaces call for a glamorous makeover, while others simply need a good old-fashioned cleanout. Whatever your situation, Ashley is up to the challenge!