Spring Cleaning: A Group Effort

Sometimes I can fully claim credit for the success of a project, but the outcome of this special endeavor I owe mostly to an army of wonderful volunteers!

This year, Just So partnered with Southside Church of Christ for their annual Spring Cleaning Day – and boy did we clean!

While there were several projects going on throughout the building that morning, I wanted to showcase one in particular: the Resource Room.  

Children’s Ministry Resource Room: Before the cleanup

This room houses the supplies for all children’s programs- from VBS to Sunday morning classes. There has been an organization system in place, but lack of maintenance had caused it to fall into bit of disarray.  

Setting out, the ministers and I compiled a list of objectives to accomplish that would give a fresh look to the space:

1. Find a permanent home for supplies currently located on the floor or stacked on top of counters, cabinets, or tables

2. Discard supplies that are broken or worn out and no longer of use

3. Donate or discard irrelevant or outdated supplies not being used by anyone

4. Relocate bulletin border collection back into Resource Room

5. Return all out-of-place supplies to their correct location

6. Update labeling on containers and shelves to ensure regularly used supplies can be found quickly and easily

This was no small task considering we only had three hours to work!  But thankfully (even in spite of some heavy morning rain!) we had a great turn out. There were volunteers working throughout the building, but we had about 15 helping just in the resource room.  Many of these individuals serve regularly in the children’s ministry and were eager to lend a hand towards getting this space sorted out.

I’m not often used to having so many volunteers at my disposal on a project, and the situation could have easily gotten out of hand. However, the key to working with a team this large was to delegate tasks. As I pointed out problems that needed to be tackled, these men and women were wonderful about jumping in head first to take ownership of their section, whether it be sorting paper by color, arranging books by topic, or testing craft supplies.  With everyone set to his or her own task, there wasn’t much running around the room wondering what to do.

By the time lunch rolled around, the space looked completely different!  I’m very excited about all we were able to accomplish, and I think the staff and volunteers were as well.

Here’s the Before one more time…
Here’s the Children’s Ministry Resource Room- three hours later!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this Cleaning Day. We couldn’t have done it without you, and everyone who volunteers with the children’s ministry at Southside is benefitting from your effort!